Is Drying Clothes In The Sun An Eyesore

Dated: 06/03/2018

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Drying clothes on a line is not something we commonly see in today's world.  Nearly everyone drys their clothes instead in a dryer.

There's a recent post in a Facebook group I follow where Doral residents are discussing a photo where the owner of a million dollar home has some towels out to dry on a clothes line.  There's an active debate between those who think it is an eyesore, and those who encourage the energy savings.  

Many people are comparing it to living on a farm, Havana, or a poor neighborhood.

It was almost 90 degrees and sunny the day the photo was posted, so even towels would dry quickly.  

What people may not be aware is that there's a Florida law prohibiting bans on clothes lines and/or the installation of solar panels.  So regardless of whether people think they're ugly.... people have every right to put one up if they want.

Did you know that Florida law allows clothes lines?  

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