5 Things To Avoid When Selling Your South FLorida Home

Dated: 03/21/2018

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1) Pricing the property too high - Unless you have a luxury property, pricing even $10,000 will result in fewer showings.  My goal for an average home is 5-7 showings a week.  If you're not seeing enough activity, it is time to reassess your marketing.

2) Ugly/few photos - In Miami, the only marketing that needs no translation is photography.  Having pictures with bad lighting, leaving clutter, and otherwise not making the home "picture perfect" means that you reduce your marketability.

3) Poorly Managed Homeowners or condo association.  I had a client ready to make an offer on a property when we found out the roofs of the condo building needed immediate replacement, would cost more than 2 million to replace, and the association only had 30,000 in the bank.  No surprise, she decided not to make an offer.

4) Making the property difficult to see.  While you don't have to show the property every time someone asks, you should be able to accomodate 90 percent of people at the time they ask.  If they can't see it, they probably won't buy it.

5)Hiring an unresponsive agent.  Simple way to check this, have a friend or family member call the agent pretending to be a buyer.  If they won't call back a buyer, will they quickly respond to showing requests or even offers!

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